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Please post about or ask any questions you may have about my experience with this unsettling disease.

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Juneau is still having single and cluster seizures on a monthly basis.  We are on Pheno, Keppra and Topramax.  We also raw feed.  Anyone else have any recommendations on things to try?

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My male borzoi developed epilepsy at 4 years of age. He had cluster seizures weekly, which affected his vision.

I was reluctant to put him on pheno because of his age and the long term toxic affects on his liver. A good friend of mine has an epileptic dachshund whose illness is controlled through diet and recommended a very good canine nutritionist.


I did a consult with her and she put together an epilepsy specific diet for my dog. Mine includes cooked foods, but she will formulate completely raw diets too. Within two weeks of going on the new diet his clusters went down to once a month, and three months later they disappeared completely. He's been seizure free/medication free now for 8 months. I'm so happy with her service and everything. She saved my dog.

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